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Seamless and prompt outsourced sorting for your products

Are you looking for a way to inspect/sort 100% of your products quickly, and in a reliable and flexible way? Our equipment offers you just that.

Building on the established basic structure of the equipment, extensive tests and test procedures for components using cameras, lenses and lighting, and testing software can be adapted in close collaboration with you at any time to meet your requirements. So we can offer you seamless and prompt outsourced sorting for your products.

We’re continuously working to expand our testing technology/outsourced sorting capabilities and to expand our services so that we can provide you with even more reliable outsourced sorting.

Quick and flexible reactions to your queries enable us to be ready to deliver your sorted products on time.

It is also possible for us to provide final packaging geared to your needs for your products, whether that’s with your own packaging units or our in-house ones.

Our services

  • Total quality control
  • Automated inspecting and sorting equipment
  • Manual inspection work
  • Refinishing
  • Packing of the inspected parts

Your advantages

  • Saving cost
  • Increasing quality
  • Flexibility