Welcome to C-messTech,
the specialists in outsourced sorting and outsourced inspections for large and small-scale productions!

As outsourced sorting specialists, we use our many years’ worth of experience in outsourced sorting to provide you with exactly the solutions you need, and which meet your individual requirements.

As a supplier, you’re under a lot of pressure these days, whether that’s in terms of your customers’ quality requirements or their demands close to the delivery date. So you’re forced to keep the quality standards of your products appropriately high, whether they’re small or large-scale products.

Your products are sorted during the sorting process using our fully-automated sorting equipment, which is partially customised to suit your requirements. Specific hardware and software solutions enable many different test criteria to be identified.

This includes basic solutions for sorting by geometric characteristics such as height, diameter or length, as well as more complex solutions for sorting by special surface characteristics or differences in colour. If required, we also provide manual solutions for your products.

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Automated inspection and sorting technology

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Packing the inspected components